The world is a curious place filled with the strange and interesting human race. Where there’s people, there’s clothes and herein lies our motivation. Pure and simple we love travel and fashion.

Style Takes A Holiday is a travel blog but it’s also about fashion adventures. And it’s Clare and Alice on a page. We write, we travel and mostly we laugh. We laugh at ourselves and we laugh at our fashion faux pas and shine a kind spirited light on others who’ve faux-ed and pas-ed in their own way.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we encourage your comments but most of all we encourage you to make a contribution. Send us your photos and your travel tales and spread the word that Style is Taking A Holiday and everyone is welcome.

Talk to us at: aliceandclare@styletakesaholiday.com


Clare loves to travel, Clare loves to pack a suitcase. Clare knows that she still has much to learn about packing just the right amount. So much so she has a suitcase inventory of what came back unused from her previous 12 trips.
Clare prides herself in never having to iron anything in her suitcase, ever! After all it’s the destination not the outfit that’s important. (this statement is open for debate because we all know really how good the photos will be if we are in a killer outfit whilst astride the elephant in the wilds of Africa!)
Clare does believe she has learned from her mistakes and does not foresee any outrageously bad purchases on future travel adventures. (yep, that was a pig flying by!)


Alice is curious. And the more she travels, the curiouser and curiouser she becomes.
What do the trees look like? How does the air smell? How do the trains work? How do the people talk? What do the people eat? How do the people live?
And …what do the people wear?

Alice plans to wander many places, fingering fine silks in oriental marketplaces, searching for the perfect cowboy boot in dusty southern towns, gathering trinkets in old medinas, but her favourite thing will always be to sit at an outdoor café guessing at the myriad stories of passers-by from the clues in their clothes.

Alice has worked in fashion for – Oh a long time now! – as a garment engineer, designer, costume designer and pattern maker.

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